The movement for change starts with a meal. You've got a seat at the table.

Welcome to Grassroots Ranch, where our movement inspired our name.

Grassroots movement: when a community comes together to make a change. Serving healthier, higher-quality food is that change - and smarter farming is how. We're here to make food real again. Real meat. Real eggs. Real good.

Join us, won't you? We've saved you a seat.

Our Mission
  • Chicken

    Pastured Chicken

    Our pastured, free-range chickens eat grass and bugs as they go, so our chicken actually tastes like chicken.

  • Beef

    Grass-Fed Beef

    Our cows are grass-fed and grass-finished, so you can enjoy beef that is healthier and tastier for you and your family.

  • Pork

    Forest-Raised Pork

    Our forested pigs spend their days foraging in the native woods, producing pork that is more nutritious and delicious.

  • Eggs

    Free-Range Chicken

    Our hens rotate through our pasture twice a day, so our farm-fresh, cage-free eggs are rich in color, nutrients and flavor.


Our Ranch

Many so-called factory farm "innovations" are actually harmful. So we practice time-proven sustainable farming techniques. You're invited to visit our farm and see how it works. The results are delicious!

Our Movement

Our meats and eggs bring the fullest flavors and highest nutritional value to your family's table. By raising our livestock in a low-stress environment and practicing sustainable farming methods, our "grassroots" movement is better for the land, the animals and the people we proudly serve.

Our Distributors

Our distributors are partners in our "grassroots" movement to bring higher-quality food to people like you. Want to know where you can find our affordable, nutritious and delicious meats and eggs? Find the distributor nearest you!