Welcome to Grassroots Ranch!

If you’re new here, Grassroots Ranch is a local Beyond Organic farm (est. 2014), owned and operated by us—the Rose family—right here in Tulsa, OK where we work hard to provide:

- Grass-fed & finished Beef
- Pasture-raised Poultry
- Forest raised pork
- Fresh eggs from our pasture-raised chickens (that's beyond cage-free and free-range!)

Feel free to browse our shop below. We appreciate your support!

Our Products
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    Pastured Chicken

    Our pastured, free-range chickens eat grass and bugs as they go, so our chicken actually tastes like chicken.

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    Grass-Fed Beef

    Our cows are grass-fed and grass-finished, so you can enjoy beef that is healthier and tastier for you and your family.

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    Forest-Raised Pork

    Our forested pigs spend their days foraging in the native woods, producing pork that is more nutritious and delicious.

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    Free-Range Chicken

    Our hens rotate through our pasture twice a day, so our farm-fresh, cage-free eggs are rich in color, nutrients & flavor.

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Our Products

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Our Mission

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