Topeca Nitro Cold Brew

Topeca Nitro Cold Brew

4 Pack Cans
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Whether you need a quick fix in the morning or are just looking to chill with a refreshing brew, then you’ll want to grab yourself a 4-pack of Topeca's Nitro Cold Brew. This 'Crushable Coffee' is expertly brewed from their 'Porch Session' blend in 300 gallon batches, then infused with nitrogen. The result is a cold concoction that is smooth, sweet, and strong (and about as much caffeine as a 20oz cup of coffee).

If you're looking to go the extra mile, serve in chilled glass. Give the can a bit of a shake before opening and pour quickly into the glass to help fold in the nitrogen and create a pleasant, cascading froth. It won't disappoint.


Coffee, Nitrogen

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