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Kimchi Mustard

Kimchi Mustard

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Kimchi Mustard is such a versatile addition to your pantry. Add this tangy deliciousness to your Burgers and fried chicken sandwiches! Any kind of sandwich for that matter. Don't stop there. Add it to any dish that calls for mustard. So many possibilities! 

Dale & Daughter is a small family fermentary specializing in items hand-crafted in small batches that are nourishing for the mind, body, & soul. From delicious, healthful & creative flavors of raw sauerkrauts, vegan kimchi, lacto- & vinegar-based pickles, condiments, probiotic tonics & the occasional sourdough to Genuine Oklahoma Souvenirs, their products are seasonally influenced & community-oriented.


Yellow and brown mustard seed, vinegar, honey, turmeric, cabbage, daikon radish, carrots, gochugaru chile flakes, ginger, horseradish, red pepper, garlic and sea salt.

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