Family Bundle

Family Bundle

Making larger meals? This bundle is perfect for families of 4+ and meal planners.
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This bundle is perfect for a family of 4-6. It includes:

2lbs Stew Meat (1lb Package)

2lbs Ground Beef (1lb Packages)

1lb Mild Sausage (1lb Package)

2pkgs Deli Ham (12oz Per Package)

2lbs Chicken Breast (2 Per Package)

1 Shoulder Roast  (3.5lb average)

1 Additional Roast (Chuck or Arm Roast) (3.5lb average)

4 Trimmed Pork Chops (.75 lb Average)

2lbs Garlic and Onion Brats  (1lb Packages) 4 Brats Per Package

1 Whole Chicken

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