Brunch Bundle

Brunch Bundle

This limited time only bundle features one of the many uses of our various farm fresh ingredients.
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This bundle has a hefty lineup including everything you'll need for a weekend brunch, all sourced from trustworthy local farmers with the highest standards. Treat yourself with the best, farm-fresh ingredients available at a price so reasonable your budget won't even count it as a splurge.

Artisan-crafted croissants, locally roasted coffee, milk from happy cows, and enough protein-packed meats and dairy to keep you fueled all weekend and start your week off right.

This Bundle includes:

1 package of bacon

1 dozen eggs

1 pound of mild sausage

1 block of colby cheese

1 package of frozen croissants (plain, 4-count)

1 block of smoked cheddar to top your burgers

1 package of Roughneck Coffee, Light Crude Blend

1 Half-Gallon of Milk

with customization by Grapevine Local Food Marketing