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Beef Tallow

Beef Tallow

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We love to reduce, reuse and recycle so when Ali told us she was making Tallow from her Beef Broth, we got excited. Beef Tallow is an excellent cooking oil but also has been used historically in soaps, candles and healing salves. This Tallow is made from skimming her bone broth.


Beef Tallow made from AliMade Bone Broth. AliMade Bone Broth ingredients: (Filtered Water, Grass-fed Beef Bones, Onion*, Celery*, Carrot*, Broccoli Stem*, Garlic, Jalapeno, Apple Cider Vinegar*, Himalayan Sea Salt, Black Pepper*, Parsley*, Thyme*, Rosemary*, Basil*, Sage*)

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