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$50 Gift Card

$50 Gift Card

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Need a hand checking off the last few people on your gift list? A Grassroots online gift card is a thoughtful, practical, (and effortless!) way to provide fresh food right from our local farm to the table of your loved one. (...or boss, or teacher, or childcare worker, or really anyone that needs a little extra appreciation this year.)


When a gift card is purchased, a unique redemption code will be generated and emailed to you on your order confirmation email (see below). This code can then be used by anyone you would like to redeem the gift card for store credit.

You can print it off and include the code in a special card, or even type it up in a fancy font, print it on fancy paper, and wrap it! There are endless creative ways to gift it, just as long as they have that special redemption code- they've got the credit to add to their account!

The code (highlighted below) can be found in the order confirmation email send to you after purchase, so don't delete it! We've included a screenshot of exactly where it will be so you can't miss it:

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