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Bulk and Bundles

Sampler Bundle

Wondering where to start? This bundle will give you a little taste of some of our favorite products.
$6.40 savings
$64.00 $57.60

Fan Favorites Bundle

This perfectly curated collection is brimming with all our best-selling products.
$16.98 savings
$113.20 $96.22

Family Bundle

Making larger meals? This bundle is perfect for families of 4+ and meal planners.
$14.10 savings
$224.10 $210.00

Ground Beef Box

20lbs of grass-fed and finished ground beef. A hearty, healthy classic staple for any home kitchen
$19.50 savings
$195.00 $175.50

Beef Stock Box

20lbs of grass-fed beef bones cut and packaged conveniently for making stock, or treats for your pets
$19.80 savings
$99.00 $79.20

1/4 Pig Box

Don't have a chest freezer? No problem! This box fits in any standard freezer with room to spare
$33.35 savings
$333.52 $300.17

1/2 Pig Box

With just half the space of a standard home freezer, you can save even more by purchase a half pork
$100.06 savings
$667.04 $566.98

Whole Pig Box

Keep the essentials on hand with just 6 cu.ft. of space! Perfect for families of 4+ looking to save
$266.82 savings
$1,334.08 $1,067.26

Whole Chicken Box

8 Premium pastured whole chickens each weighing about 4lbs
$28.56 savings
$190.40 $161.84

Premium Chicken Cuts Box

From breasts to wings, get all the cuts from a chicken in convenient 1lb packages
$21.31 savings
$213.10 $191.79

Chicken Broth Box

25lbs of pastured chicken frames conveniently packaged to easily make the worlds best broth
$11.25 savings
$75.00 $63.75
$5.00 savings
$39.75 $34.75
$14.50 savings
$79.50 $65.00
$30.00 savings
$119.25 $89.25
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