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50/50 Smash Burger

January 5, 2022 • 0 comments

50/50 Smash Burger




Preheat electric griddle to its highest heat level or a cast iron pan with a good amount of surface area over medium-high heat, around 8-10 minutes. Before adding the burgers, increase the heat of the cast iron to high and check the temperature by adding a drop of water to the pan or griddle. It should not only sizzle but evaporate instantly.

While preheating, mix equal amounts Ground Beef to Ground Bacon until the mixture becomes a bit tacky or sticky to the touch. Divide into 10 equal portions, around 3 ounces each, and form into a puck shape. When the cooking surface is ready, add burger "puck" and press down to flatten with a solid spatula, bacon press, burger press, or the flat bottom of a small saucepot to increase as much surface area without breaking the burger apart as possible. You may need to press down a few times, but you're trying to achieve an even thickness and as much crust as possible from the start. Cook on the first side until thoroughly browned and then flip, season if desired, and immediately add cheese to begin melting. Once the cheese begins to melt, set aside on a sheet pan or a flat surface that can go into the oven and finish melting the cheese if necessary. Repeat this process with the remaining "pucks."Assemble burgers in two patty stacks, garnish as desired, and enjoy!

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