Online ordering is now available through Grassroots Larder. Visit to start shopping for home delivery.
Grassroots Larder

Now offering home delivery! Watch for Cherry St. store, coming soon.

Grassroots Ranch

Bulk ordering coming soon: quarter cows, quarter pigs, & chicken boxes.

Farming the way it should be.

At Grassroots Ranch, we believe in raising our livestock in a low stress environment and practicing sustainable and regenerative farming methods. By doing this, our meats and eggs have the fullest flavors and highest nutritional value nature has to offer. We're redeeming the rich native Oklahoma grasslands we manage, healing our customers' relationships with farmers and their food, and making it possible for you to get flavorful, nutrient dense local food from farmers straight to your family table. You can read about our sustainable farm practices here.

Real food. Real good. Grass-fed, pastured, forested.

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