Coming Soon: Grassroots Larder
A Locally Sourced Grocer and Culinary Market

Grassroots Larder

Grassroots Larder

Coming Soon to Tulsa!

Grassroots Larder is a locally sourced grocery and culinary market. Our store on Cherry Street will soon be stocked with house-made bread, pantry staples such as sauces & jams, fresh local produce, pastured dairy, and pastured, grass-fed meats. We will also offer delicious meal kits for our customers to finish at home and bring a fine-dining feel to dinner using local ingredients and simple instructions.

Our culinary market will offer prepared foods that reflect our years of experience as culinary professionals. Whether it be our naturally fermented bread, our hand-butchered customized meat cuts, or a simple tomato sauce, our passion lies in creating an incredible dining experience for our customers at home. We feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to support our local farmers and producers by using their products in all of the foods we make.

In addition to food, we will also be carrying beer and wine. Thanks to an incredible boom over the last 7-10 years, we have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to local beer here in Tulsa. We are excited to work with the local Oklahoma breweries and hope to collaborate on beers in the future. As for wine, we will work with boutique, family-owned wineries that practice regenerative farming, so you'll hear terms like organic, bio-dynamic, and sustainable in regards to each bottle we select. Our goal with our selection of beer and wine is to provide a great companion to our prepared foods and our take-home meal kits.

Whether you visit us in-store or continue shopping online with doorstep delivery, you can feel confident knowing you're supporting local farmers and producers at Grassroots Larder.

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