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Frequently Asked Questions

We've provided a list of the farm questions we get asked most to hopefully get you the information you need sooner. If your question isn't answered here or the page that describes our practices, feel free to shoot us a message. We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

How does home delivery work?


Order by 5pm
Order by 5pm to receive next-day delivery. (Deliveries take place Mon - Fri.) Order here.


We Pack & Deliver
We pack your order and you'll get a confirmation email with your delivery date. Deliveries are made with our refrigerated van.


Delivery Updates
You'll get an automatic text the night before with your delivery ETA, a heads-up an hour before your delivery, and a confirmation once your order has been dropped off.

Are your farm products organic?

The new label that best describes our practices is “beyond organic” because we far exceed the USDA’s welfare and feed standards for organic livestock. All of our animals constantly have access to fresh natural forage that is appropriate for their specific diet (ex. forest for pigs, pasture/bugs for chickens, grass/hay for cows) that we never spray with pesticides, herbicides, or chemically fertilize. We feed our cattle only grass, never grain, and our omnivores (pigs and chickens) are supplemented with GMO-free feed that is milled locally in order to keep a balanced omnivorous diet. We never use any antibiotics or hormones on our animals at any time. Read more about our farm practices.

What do you feed your animals?

We always feed our animals what is best for their unique digestive systems. Cows are ruminant animals and have a series of 4 stomachs that are built for grass and grass alone- so that's what we feed them. Pigs, laying hens, and meat chickens are all omnivores, which means they need a balance of vegetables and protein. We supply this through unlimited fresh grass (vegetables), bugs (protein) and a balanced GMO-free feed offered to them free-choice (made of more plants and protein). Read more about how we raise our animals.

What if I'm not in your delivery zone?

If your zip code isn't included in our current delivery zone but you're still in the Tulsa area, you can utilize our on-farm pickup option! Just order as usual through our website and make sure you've selected the 'on farm pickup' option when you submit your order. 

If you're much farther outside the Tulsa area (or even out of the state) we encourage you to search for local farms in your area; your closest farmers market is a great place to start! 

Do you sell whole pigs and cows?

While we have loved providing the sustainable and cost-effective option of whole and half cows and pigs in the past, we currently need all of our meat to stock our inventory for our home deliveries. Please follow along on Facebook, Instagram, or sign up for our monthly newsletter to stay up to date, and we'll announce if/when we'll be offering bulk grass-fed beef and bulkpastured pork again.

Can I find your farm products stocked anywhere locally?

With our free next-day home deliveries and on-farm pickup option, we hope all your Grassroots needs are met. There are a few items stocked in Esperance Bakery in Jenks, Oklahoma for any extra eggs or last-minute protein needs to get dinner or a quick batch of cookies on the table.

Where do all your other farm products come from?

While we raise beef, pork, chicken, and eggs here at Grassroots Ranch, we have partnered with other Oklahoma farms to provide all your additional grocery needs from trusted small farmers. Each item should be labeled with the farm it is coming from, and you can also read about our local farmers and artisans.

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