Coming Soon: Grassroots Larder
A Locally Sourced Grocer and Culinary Market
November 30, 2021 • 0 comment(s)
Our pigs are living just as nature intended, and it shows! They live in a Pecan Orchard and love every minute of it. Because of them being able to forage for food, run and play, sunbathe, and breathe in the fresh air, all of which results in superior pork products that we are proud of.
November 12, 2021 • 0 comment(s)
Tips and tricks from our Ranch to your backyard on how to safely add to your flock.
October 23, 2021 • 0 comment(s)
We're offering their first tour at our new location. Learn more about one of the most progressive ranches in the state!
August 22, 2021 • 0 comment(s)
How much do you know about grass? I openly admit I didn't know much about grass before my time with Grassroots. Just like any other plant, grass has a cycle of life. But have you ever stopped to think how important that single plant cycle is to a grass-fed beef operation such as ours? Or have you given much thought to how important the animals are in ensuring a healthy soil ecosystem?
August 8, 2021 • 0 comment(s)
Attending to the orchard is still ongoing. There are 140 acres of beautiful majestic pecan trees that are in need of some love. Daniel has spent a lot of time in the orchard clearing out the labyrinth of saplings growing throughout. We are not exactly sure how long the orchard has been ignored, but that time is no longer. After being here for just over a year, we are on a mission to give it the love it deserves.
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