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Meet Chef Trey

July 16, 2021

Many of you are familiar with Chef Trey, but for those who are not, allow me to boast about my husband for a bit! 

Trey is an extremely driven, good-looking person with a strong work ethic. He has been working as a chef now for almost 15 years. His passion is cooking, and his love language is feeding people. (Could be why I am not a size two, thank's Trey!)

Sourcing locally and cooking seasonally has been a long-running theme of Trey's for almost as long as he has been cooking. That is how we eat at home with our three daughters, Vivian 8, Colette 4, and Ariane 2.

We can not express how excited we are to be bringing you Grassroots Larder, and I cannot wait for you to see and taste all that Trey has been cooking up!


Welcome, Zach!

Jun 2nd, 2021

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