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A Pork & Orchard Update

August 8, 2021

Attending to the orchard is still ongoing. There are 140 acres of beautiful majestic pecan trees that are in need of some love. Daniel has spent a lot of time in the orchard clearing out the labyrinth of saplings growing throughout. We are not exactly sure how long the orchard has been ignored, but that time is no longer. After being here for just over a year, we are on a mission to give it the love it deserves.

We spoke last week about our hopes to have pork back in stock this week. Sadly, that did not happen. There has been a snag with their labeling machine. We have been assured this issue will be handled quickly, so we are hopeful that this coming week we will have pork back in stock. So just like last week, say a prayer, cross your fingers and toes, let's get pork back in stock!

Making Strides

Aug 1st, 2021
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